My illustration work includes line drawings, landscape & architectural perspectives, and digital mapping along with the colour natural history work seen on other pages.  Although I enjoy linework I have not included many examples as screen resolution does not give much indication of what they are really like.  Please contact me if you would like to see examples (or see the Travellers Nature Guides series from Oxford University Press).

I was pleased to help Cambridge-based author Martin Walters with a couple of recent volumes in the Aura series on gardening topics, now available at a garden centre near you.  Gardens for Birds and Gardens for Wildlife will hopefully spread the word to a new audience - at just £2.99 a copy, who can resist?

In addition to the basic images of feeders and assorted nestboxes I contributed a few garden designs to show that a  wildlife garden does not necessarily have to look like a bramble-filled wilderness (like my own).

Wren line drawing - mc wood wildlife garden 1 - mc wood Wildlife pond 1 ladybird box - mc wood wildlife logpile - mc wood Pond edge wildlife garden 2 - mc wood Pond margin Bubble fountain birdbath Squirrel-proof feeder Line drawings from the Travellers Nature Guide series (Oxford University Press). Part of a house portrait line drawing.

All images © MC Wood.

Interpretation Perspectives Mapping Great Fen Project aerial perspective view by MC Wood, showing new visitor hub proposals Great Fen Project wilderness zone by MC Wood Great Fen Project visitor centre, illustration by MC Wood, based on building concept by Laurie Wood Architects The Great Fen Project Right: aerial perspective showing visitor hub of the project with discovery zones to accommodate various uses (existing view inset). Proposed visitor centre. Wilderness area. Great Fen Project spine route illustration by MC Wood Great Fen Project events area with temporary stage, by MC Wood Causeway spine route with bog oak feature. Events space with temporary stage and wilderness backdrop. Great Fen Project illustration of proposed visitor centre and wilderness zone by MC Wood Great Fen Project community crafts zone illustration by MC Wood Visitor centre and wetland wilderness. Community crafts discovery zone. Libellula quadrimaculata - MC Wood Roesel's bush-cricket - MC Wood Yellowhammer - MC Wood Death's head hawkmoth - MC Wood Black-throated diver line drawing - MC Wood Emperor - MC Wood Illustrations for The National Trust at  Wicken Fen.